Friday, March 12, 2010

Stinky winter boots?

hey guys I was wondering, my winter boots smell bad already and I've only been wearing them for about 2 wks now. Um they're inverted leather on the outside and I guess normal inside and yes I do wear socks (even CCM and Wilson sports ones with the darker absorbent sole) and even socks that are supposed to absorb sweat. I want to wash my boots but I know from when I washed my old running shoes that detergent works yet the smell comes back after a few uses. Is there something like baking soda or anything else around the house that I could use when washing them? I know powder works if I put it inside but that'd make my socks white and if I put powder in my socks I sweat and it gets a bit gooey. Thanks :D

Stinky winter boots?
Yes, baking soda like other pple said will absorb sweat. You could also try spraying them good with lysol, this will kill bacteria and neutralize odors.

I spray white vinegar around rooms to neutralize odors too. At first it smells like vinegar, not the nicest smell, but then goes away and kills odors.

You can also use regular powder, which absorbs moisture and neutralizes odors.
Reply:Try odor eaters or sprinkle baking soda in your boots. Good Luck!
Reply:you have to be careful because of the leather but the oder is from bacteria and it won't go away unless you kill the bacteria. bleach products, and antibacterial things will help. I also herd of freezing them in a freezer? Also replace the sole of the shoe if you can?
Reply:ummm all i can say is the reason why they r liek that is beczuse they r cheap i got thes shoes from playless that made my feet smelly throw those out or just wash them alot
Reply:I use baking soda and it really works well. From stench to sweet in no time!
Reply:Every week soak your feet in iced tea for about an hour;

It will dry up your feet; so they dont sweat.. if they dont sweat they dont smell; but it doesnt dry them up enough for the skin to be dry and rough.

This is proven..

Hope that works. =]


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