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KNEE HIGH BOOTS - Sexy or Slutty? How do you wear without looking cheap!?

I have a pair of black leather knee-highs, the heels are 3inches high, and inch and a bit wide, so not stillettos. But no matter what i wear with them, i look so tarty.

If i was to wear a skirt above the knee it would make me look like a tart, and if i wore it with a skirt below knee it still doesnt look right. I even wore it over my jeans and it looked silly.

How can i get away with wearing knee highs without looking like a prostitute?

The heels are chunky, am i just being paranoid or is there a way i should dress to look good in knee-high boots.

I always wear decent non revealing tops, im 5'2 and have a pear shaped slim body (small top, curvy bum, slim legs).

Should i go for kneehighs without heels? Can they still look sexy?


KNEE HIGH BOOTS - Sexy or Slutty? How do you wear without looking cheap!?
Just wear them you sound good looking enough to pull it off no matter what you wear. don't worry about other peoples opinions they are just jelous of yer fine bod x
Reply:i think you're just being paranoid. the fact your worried about looking slutty means you cant be!!! does that make sense?!!
Reply:Funny you should ask this. I am just about to give my knee high black leather boots to my sister. I don't really wear them because I think they're slutty..and I just don't wear heels much these days.

I do think they look good with a 3/4 length skirt though - not slutty.

I have afriend whose nickname for such boots is 'Come *%26amp;^% me boots' because that's what they seem to say. But yeah, if the rest of what you wear is modest then I think they can look classy not slutty.

As you don't like longer skirts, I'd go for boots without heels. Heels just give you backache anyway.
Reply:Wear what you want and don't worry about other peoples opinions.
Reply:Knee high boots are lovely, I wear mine with the lovely cut off trousers - culottes look great with these, they should also suit you body shape and balance you out. Try a smart pair of these they will look super elegant and stylish with your boots.
Reply:i dont really know? maybe wear black tights with them aswell, with a short skirt, maybe tailored shorts.... then with a comfy top? but if you are having doubts maybe you should exchange them for knee highs without heels............ or you could take them into a topshop and ask for some style advice? preferably the oxford street store in london? im sure others will help you... good luck xx
Reply:Yeah I pretty much agree, I think the knee highs are always skanky maybe some cute ankle boots or something like that to wear under jeans, those are cute...
Reply:get a nice pair of jeans, skinny jeans and tucj them in your boots then wear a nice sophisticated top, you cant go wrong!!
Reply:In my experience women who wear knee length leather boots are not cheap.

Get a wide knee length leather skirt, black velvet jacket and a white top. You will look fantastic.
Reply:opaque tights?
Reply:I have a pair love them! wear with wide smart culottes just above or below knee and a white fitted shirt and waisted belt, winter your coat on top or a fitted jacket. hope looks good!
Reply:I have the same problem- I am Bryan D's girlfriend using his log in btw -lol- so this isnt a guy answering your question!!!!!!!!

I would say that the only items to wear just now that dont look slutty is skinny jeans tucked in, wrap dresses and most defo jersey dresses as they are hot this season and look fab with black knee high boots!!!!!!!!!
Reply:you could wear them 3/4 lenghts that are really in fashion. they would go slightly over the top of the boots so its sexy but not slutty! problem solved!
Reply:I would say go for a skirt below the knee but with a flared/flippy hemline so it gives some width to balance the heels and your figure.

Add some bright accessories on your top half, like a colourful hat or scarf, to draw the eye up and give you more height.

Smile and walk with confidence and you will look great.
Reply:wear dark tights with them if you are wearing a skirt
Reply:It all depends on how you wear them, if they are patent leather then there is nothing you can do except throw them out or accept looking cheap!

I wear mine over jeans or with skirts just past the knee for work and they don't look slutty at all.

I'd say you are just being paranoid, but ask an honest friend for their opinion.
Reply:I always think a skirt just above the knees black tights and a fitted polo neck top looks class with knee highs. go for it and enjoy, apply natural looking make up dont slap it on and DONT wear huge hooped earings they are what makes a girl look tarty enjoy!
Reply:No you can wear knee high boots without looking slutty. Wear them with a nice skirt just above the knee some nice pantyhose and a tasteful shirt. It doesn't matter what you wear as long as you look classy.
Reply:I know what you mean, I have the same prob. but think its in my head coz when I've asked my friends they say it looks fine!

so are you just imagining it? If someone else was in the same outfit would you think they looked like a tart?

If the boots were patent leather and you were wearing them with fishnets and a mini I can see where you'd be going wrong but what you've described sounds fine!

Reply:Do you like gauchos? If so boots look great with them.

They flare out some at the bottom so that it will complement your shape, then they'll elongate your legs with the boots.
Reply:no latex material for knee high boots and you'll look fine
Reply:well, first, you may be too hard on yourself. ask friends and your mom. get a few opinions. try different skirts and lenghts.

also do not forget. it is not the boots that make a tart. it is attitude. it is a choice of an outfit too.

i wear boots a lot and i have never felt like that. so... do not think of yourself in negative ways.
Reply:So, let me get this straight. You hate the way they look, and don't like them. Yet, you are still determined that you need to wear them, and want to know how to look right in something that looks wrong. That's a lot of trouble to go to just to think you look good. Fact is, you will still hate the way you look in them, and you will "feel" like they don't look good on how about....DON'T WEAR THEM!!!
Reply:I bought a pair of black boots recently... and was afraid to 'over expose' them to the eyeing public, but i felt fed-up when i saw girls walking around with boots over jeans and with skirts...

what am i so afraid of? I thought... so i gave it a try...

its not 'over exposure' at all. its just being scared what people will think...

you know what... who cares what they think... if they dont like it... then just stick two fingers up to them.
Reply:They're so mainstream nowdays that I doubt if many people think of them as tarty. I have several pairs and I wear them with knee length or 3/4 length skirts or under my jeans. I suppose if you wore them with a short skirt it may look tarty but with a longer skirt it's more classy and elegant.
Reply:Just don't wear a skirt too short and they won't look slutty. I'm too old to get away with it now but I always loved the knee high boots. They were popular when I was too young to wear them and now they've come back. They were called go go boots back then.
Reply:Heels that are too high and especially stilettos, look like hooker boots.

It matters what you wear with them too. Ultra short skirts with those type of boots really look cheap.

If you have a pear shaped body, you need to make the bottom half look slim, maybe with a black skirt, not tight or short. Wear a fashionable top that is of a light color so it looks bigger than the bottom. Don't wear tops where your breasts are hanging out, more of a trashy look than attractive. Forget the "sexy" go for attractive and tasteful.
Reply:A pair of dark tights (not knee-highs... knee-highs, to me, give that trampy catholic school look). The tights are nice and can be a perfect fall accent.
Reply:knee high boots are sexy only wear them if you feel comfortable with yourself. if you look good which i'm sure you do,do'nt worry what others think.
Reply:Why not just let yourself look and feel sexy, even if it does cross the line of your usual dressing patterns. You use the word slutty, but it does not mean that you have to act that way, you have the boots, use em. Feel good.


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